Recap ILLENIUM, Kaskade & Migos


There are only 2 weeks left to this incredible 2018 season, and we’re finishing it off on a high note. On August 18th and 19th, Kaskade, ILLENIUM and Migos were performing on our main stage. Two days with a completely different atmosphere, but totally electric.

Without further ado, here are the highlights that marked last weekend’s events. 

August 18th – Kaskade & ILLENIUM

The event of August 18th was a very special one, as two headliners were performing in the same day ! It was Tizi and BYNON who started this long-awaited day, warming up the crowd who was waiting impatiently for the arrival of ILLENIUM. We could also see several people wearing the DJ’s merch, and he made a very noticed entry. It’s with his hit Crawl Outta Love that ILLENIUM started his set, and many people even shed a few tears. He then gave us a most memorable performance, with a set as energetic as emotional. With songs like Fortress, Gold (Stupid Love), Free Fall and even a mashup between I Fall Apart and Leaving, he totally won over Beachclub. It was just after his performance that Kaskade made his debut, and it’s to the rhythm of songs like Fun, Turn It Down, Angel On My Shoulder and Disarm You that he continued to set Beachclub on fire. Mitis then finally came to end this incredible day ! 

19 août – Migos

It was officially the last live show of the season, and it was the American group Migos who was the headliner of the day. Local DJs Montana, Spin and Kleancut warmed up the crowd before the arrival of Yes Mccan, who was performing just before Migos. He had a lot of energy, and he transmitted it very well to the crowd. He sung several new songs, as well as some already released, such as Forêt and Desirée. Migos then made its entrance, and Beachclub immediately ignited. Quavo, Takeoff and Offset performed incredibly well, as well as singing many of their hits like Slippery, T-Shirt and Bad & Boujee, which the crowd was singing with great enthusiasm. Kleancut finally came back on stage to conclude the event !


We will live our second to last weekend of the season with none other than Borgore for a DUBSTEP day that promises to be quite eventful, with Whipped Cream opening ! Come enjoy what’s left of summer with us, and get your tickets right now at