The Beachclub has been a top destination for electronic music enthusiasts for over 20 years.

With a capacity of more than 10,000 people, it is the biggest outdoor complex in North America.

Featuring great artists every weekend the Beachclub prides itself on its international reputation within the electronic music industry.

This summer, come live the Beachclub experience!

Come and enjoy the sun while basking on one of our beaches or sipping a delicious drink while listening to your favorite DJ!

While main events take place on weekends, the Beachclub is open 7 days a week weather permitting.

As president and co-owner of the Beachclub, Olivier Primeau made it his mission to create an “outdoor music festival experience” accessible to the general public on a weekly basis and at an affordable price.

All the more reason to come and enjoy!

Tropical atmosphere and great times guaranteed!

Surrounded by water, the site welcomes guests 18 years of age and over. With its large open-air dance floor, multiple bars and dining areas, as well as small beaches perfect for relaxation.

Beachclub Events

Every weekend, for 16 weeks, the Beachclub hosts outdoor electronic music concerts.

This summer many internationally renowned artists will be appearing in the DJ booth, as well as numerous local talents.

We are extremely proud to welcome such a wide range of performers in order to suit all musical tastes.

Upcoming EVENTS

Pools & Cabanas

In addition to its numerous beaches you can also enjoy our big “Y” pool, located on the 18+ side of the island.

Cabanas are placed around the pool in order to re-create an authentic tropical ambiance. Available upon reservation, the cabanas are definitely the best spot to soak up the sun on hot summer days.

Your reservation includes bottle service with a private server, a small table to set down your alcohol and a comfortable day bed perfect for relaxing. This space is reserved just for you all day.

CABANAS Reservation

Available services

  • – Locker rental
  • – Restaurants (fast food, many different options available on site)
  • – Shisha bar
  • – Wakeboard (rental equipment available, helmet is mandatory)
  • – Store (clothing & beach accessories
  • – Bathrooms for VIP guests *New*
  • – Ice cream and frozen drink bar
  • – Free parking (possibility to upgrade to a VIP spot)


What are the perks of a VIP ticket?

VIP tickets are available to be purchased on the Internet for additional fees and provide the ticket holder with several perks. You will have faster access to the Beachlub’s site via a VIP lineup and a free Redbull when checking in. In addition, you will have access to the VIP Houston Avenue Bar & Grill terrace as well as our new VIP bathrooms, reserved exclusively for VIP ticket holders.

I don’t have a credit card, where can I purchase my tickets?

It is possible to purchase tickets in person at the following points of sale:
– West Island – Café SanPresso: 3693 Blvd St-Jean, D.D.O., QC, H9G 1X2
– Montreal – Moog Audio: 3828 Blvd St-Laurent, Montreal, QC, H2W 1X6
– Laval – Les Barbares: 132 Blvd Curé-Labelle, Laval, QC, H7L 2Z1
One important detail to keep in mind: the sooner you will purchase your tickets, the less they will cost you. Plan in advance!

May I bring glass containers and silverware?

No. Under no circumstances is it permitted to bring glass containers or sharp objects on the site. (Ex: kitchen knives, pocket knives, any kind of glass bottles, etc.) Only plastic containers and utensils are allowed.

May I swim in the pool with my floating mattress?

No. All swimming accessories or floating devices are prohibited in the pool.

Are the kids allowed to go in the pool?

No. The pool on the Beachclub’s island is strictly reserved for adults 18 years and over. However, everybody can enjoy a swim at Pointe-Calumet’s Beach Family Zone as there are many activities offered for kids!

May I bring my BBQ?

BBQs are only permitted in the Family Zone located on the Pointe-Calumet Beach.

Is there a camp site connected to the Beachclub?

No. And no tents will be accepted on the premises. All guests are requested to leave at the end of the day, without exceptions.

Is there accommodation nearby?

Yes. The Fabreville Motel (only 9 minutes away from the Beachclub: 450-627-4781) or the Imperia Hotel in Ste-Eustache (only 7 minutes away from the Beachclub: 450-472-3336).

What are the admission fees?

Monday to Friday (18+): $15
Saturday and Sunday* (18+): $18
*subject to change when special events are held.

Are there any group packages?

Yes. VIP packages are available for every event hosted by the Beachclub. You can view all details here.

Where are you located?

In Pointe-Calumet, about 30 minutes away from downtown Montreal. We are located behind the Super Aqua Club waterslides on 38th Street. Keep going and you will reach the Beachclub’s parking lot at the end.

What are the site’s opening and closing dates for summer 2016?

The Beachclub will be open from May 22nd to September 4th and open 7 days a week starting May 30th.

Do you have any activities for kids?

Yes! Your children will delight in our many installations available on the Pointe-Calumet Beach; aquatic trampoline, floating slides, inflatable games…we’ve got everything! And don’t forget our beach-volleyball and beach-soccer fields for guests of all ages to enjoy!

Are teenagers admissible on site if they don’t drink alcohol?

The Beachclub Zone is exclusive to individuals 18 years and over. Every guest who enters the premises will be asked to show a valid ID. However, the Pointe-Calumet Beach is a family zone for all kids and families.

Is the water safe for swimming?

Water quality is excellent and is tested many times throughout the season.

Can we drink alcohol on the Beachclub’s site and on the Pointe-Calumet Beach?

Adults may only drink alcohol that was purchased on the premises. You can drink anywhere on the site as well as on the beaches, as long as it was purchased at the Beachclub. (The bar at the Beach also serves alcohol to adults who are 18 years and over.)

May I bring my own alcohol?

No. It is prohibited to bring your own alcohol. Only alcoholic beverages sold on the premises with a permit are authorized. All containers, bags, coolers will be searched at the entrance.

Can I bring my lunch?

Yes. You can bring your lunch and non-alcoholic beverages. However, all bottles must be sealed (not opened). Please note that silverware is not permitted on the site.

Are there any restaurants on the site?

Yes. There are several dining options available on site.

Is the Beachclub only open when events are held?

No. The Beachclub is open 7 days a week (weather permitting). You can visit us online through our Website and Facebook page or call us at 450-473-1000 for updates.

Are pets allowed on the site?

No. Pets are not permitted on the premises.

What are the advantages of the VIP ticket?

The VIP ticket gives you several advantages such as quicker access to the site through a special entrance reserved for VIP ticket holders only, as well as a free can of Redbull when you get in. You will also have limited access to a VIP walkway.

What kind of access does the Season Pass give me?

The Season Pass gives you full access to the site 7 days/week and allows you to attend all events hosted by the Beachclub from May 22nd to September 5th.

What is the shuttle service?

To prevent drinking and driving and for those who don’t own a car we are pleased to offer a shuttle service which goes back and forth between the Beachclub and the Montmorency Metro Station at specific times. (You can consult the schedule here) These tickets do not include the Beachclub’s admission fees.


On the Beachclub’s site, at the Pointe-Calumet Beach as well as at the Cable Park, the following regulations shall be observed at all times. Employees reserve the right to escort anybody off the premises if any of the following rules are not respected:

Under no circumstances will drugs be tolerated on the Beachclub’s premises.

It is strictly prohibited to bring in alcohol purchased outside the site.

For security reasons, any glass containers or silverware will not be permitted on the site.

All beverages purchased outside the premises must be sealed in order to be granted access to the site. Employees reserve the right to discard all beverages which might not conform to this rule.

It is strictly prohibited to bring pets on the site.

All sharp objects, weapons, kitchen knives, pocket knives or any other objects that might present a danger are strictly prohibited on the premises.

Any kind of verbal or physical violent behavior will not be tolerated. Anybody who does not comply with this rule will immediately be escorted off the premises.

Nudism will not be tolerated. For the ladies, bikini tops must be worn at all times.

The pool area in the Beachclub Zone is strictly reserved for adults 18 years and older.

It is strictly forbidden to run around the pool area.

You are not allowed to dive into the pool.

There can only be a maximum of 50 people in the pool.

As a condition to enter the site, the Beachclub reserves the right to frisk everybody.

All illicit objects will be confiscated and/or access will be denied to the possessor.

Anyone wearing items of clothing suggesting an affiliation to any particular organisations may be denied access to the site.

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