Pool Party

For Beachclub’s 2019 season, we wanted to try something new ! With the amazing success the first pool party with the legendary Mark Knight had, we decided to host two more of these events during summer. Indeed, these new and more intimate kind of events are getting more and more popular, and since mother nature is on our side again this weekend, we decided to keep the party going around the pool once again !

Hi I’m Ghost

This time, it’s going to be 100% BASS pool party, a first at Beachclub ! Hi I’m Ghost will be performing, joined by many local DJs. Composed of Nathan Davis and Tiago Nunez, both from Los Angeles, this duo is definitely among the rising stars of bass music. Always using their very impressive musical background, they are behind many hits, such as Call for Help, Killem With The Sound and also, Pray For Me. In fact, Davis is a lifelong musician, and Nunez is an audio engineer, who graduated from the Conservatory of Recording Arts. Many people describe their sound as dark, but also very intriguing !

Always in the game, Hi I’m Ghost just released a new EP back in June, titled Game of Ghosts, composed of four new tracks : Full Power, Gun Fingas, Issa Lotta Steeze et Lmao Stompy ! They will also be joining Snails, a very well known Montreal based DJ, on his World Of Slime tour. Finally, they’ve released tracks on many popular labels, such as Dim Mak Records and Kannibalen Records, and we can’t wait to see what DJ duo Hi I’m Ghost has in store for us this weekend !


We are expecting amazing weather once again this weekend, so all you have to do now is to download your free tickets at beachclub.com/tickets !

See you Sunday 😎