For its third announcement of the week and not least, Beachclub is very proud to announce the coming of Borgore on August 26th for a Bass day. This will be his first performance at Beachclub, and his unique and very energetic style will surely please everyone.

Early life

Borgore, born in Tel Aviv, Israel, studied at a music school for several years while learning saxophone. It was very difficult at the time make a name for yourself in the music industry given the country’s history, but Borgore, whose real name is Asaf Borger, had a great passion for music and was determined to make a career out of it. One day, while visiting a CD store near his home, one of the sellers made him listen to a Dubstep track, and that’s when he decided to embark on this musical journey.


Although Asaf had to do his military service, he still found a way to start producing his own music, and as soon as he finished his service, he went to Europe to begin his career. He made his first tour in the United States in 2010 and created his own style, the gorestep. He published songs under Spinnin ‘Records, Sumerian Records and Armada Music, but most of his music remains exclusive to his own record label, Buygore Records. Recently, he announced on Snapchat that he was recording an album in a style totally different from his : jazz. This announcement was initially seen as a joke, but the album is officially released on May 9th, 2018 under the name of Adventures in Time.

Do not miss your chance to come headbang on hits like Decisions, Wild Out, Unicorn Zombie Apocalypse and Forbes !


First 1000 tickets will be on sale Saturday at noon for only $15 at