This weekend was eagerly awaited by all the biggest fans of the world’s # 1 DJ. This enthusiasm resulted in the speed with which the tickets sold for the two days. Having Martin Garrix at the Beachclub for two consecutive days could not close this 2019 summer season on a better note.

Sunday, September 1st – Day 1


Dj ZØE had the task of launching the festivities on day one. It was on her hot rhythms that visitors entered the Beachclub’s site. ZØE was able to choose and mix her pieces wisely which made everyone dance. For the one who was on her first performance in front of the public, we can say it is a success.

Stef Agostino

Stef Agostino knew, as usual, how to warm up the crowd for this beautiful sunny day. It was during his appearance on stage that we noticed that the Beachclub was full. The electronic music fans all wanted to arrive early to make the most of this day. All danced with a smile to the sound of Stef Agostino.

Justin Mylo

Later, Martin Garrix’s long-time friend, Justin Mylo, took over the turntables. Justin is well known for his collaborations with the international DJ, with Boucybov and Burn Out. He assures very often the opening part of his friend’ show. His remix of the hit song « Sweet Dream » came to set the dancefloor on fire. It can be said that Justin Mylo really prepared the mood for the long awaited international artist.


From his first notes, Martin Garrix seduced the crowd. Everyone was jumping and dancing while singing loudly. Successes went on from « Summer Days » to « Animals » and then to « Forbiden Voices » or « Glitch ». Justin Mylo went on stage when Garrix played their collaboration « Burn Out ». Wherever we looked, we could see people happy to be there to see their idol. It is an energetic Garrix who managed to give a prestigious show. Martin Garrix has lengthened his performance by more than 20 minutes, something he does very rarely. It was under a rain of confetti that the song « High on Life » finished the performance of the world’s number one DJ.


KHAØS, also a Beachclub regular, followed brilliantly on stage after Martin Garrix. She was able to draw all the energy present at the Beachclub to give a high in color performance. Music lovers were able to enjoy the show until the last moment. It is under the sunset that KHAØS ended the first day of festivity of this long weekend.

Monday, September 2nd – Day 2


The second day was launched to the sound of Dj MVTHILDE. Under the fully decorated DJ booth, she managed to make people dance with her groovy set, right from their arrival at the Beachclub. Faithful to her habits Mathilde has very well installed the vibe at the beginning of the day.


Ludo offered a strong performance, and true to himself, he was able to mix styles to offer a set that pleases everyone. The more Ludo’s performance progressed, the more rain gave way to good weather. Ludo is a regular at the Beachclub and you can feel it in the energy he gives off during his performances. He gave us an ingenious set that certainly set the mood for the already-filled dancefloor.

Justin Mylo

Justin Mylo made a comeback on stage for the second day. It’s under the brilliant sun that the DJ played remixes of popular songs such as « Titanium » and « Lean on ». His performance was remarkable and very dynamic as was his stage presence. Justin Mylo knows how to prepare the crowd for his friend Martin Garrix. Just like Sunday, his performance was top notch.


Martin Garrix’s second and final day was a memorable one. Starting with the drastic change in temperature, the sun and the heat pointed the tip of their nose just in time for the much anticipated Dutch DJ. The excitement was at its peak while Garrix was coming on stage. Thousands of fans were shouting and singing to their favorite DJ.

The famous wasp attack

A few minutes after the start of his set, Martin Garrix swallowed a wasp and was stung twice in the throat before spitting it out. It was then that he left the stage to receive the necessary care. Meanwhile, Justin Mylo came on stage to entertain the crowd while they wait. At the beginning of the day, Garrix had told Olivier Primeau how excited and happy he was to come back to the Beachclub! That’s why he decided to come back on stage, despite the pain: « Not only am I fine, but I’m back on the stage now! « 

Garrix, a real champ

Martin Garrix deserves his title as the number one DJ in the world, because just minutes after the attack, he returned on stage against all odds and offered a performance simply incredible! His set, completely different from the previous day, was equally magical and gave us chills. Martin loves to play at Beachclub so much, that despite the pain, he didn’t want to leave the stage. His set lasted once again twenty minutes longer, offering among other things a double performance of the song High On Life. Chills and emotions guaranteed for the closure of the Beachclub !! It is an extremely happy and satisfied Martin who has left the stage. He is really what one can call a dedicated stage beast for his fans, who even took the time to take selfie after selfie with them, before leaving the Beachclub.


The winner of the  »On my way to Beachclub » contest was honored to close the Beach Club’s 2019 season. Jump3rz gave an electrifying performance that proved that he deserved to be the big winner of this contest!

2019 season

It’s 2019 season full of variety that ended on Monday. A summer filled with unforgettable memories! In the words of Olivier Primeau, an INCREDIBLE summer. Thank you all for believing in us and for coming to so many of our events. Without you, none of this is possible! Stay tuned, as although the Beachclub season is over, there are plenty of announcements planned for the upcoming months. 😎 People of Beachclub, thank you so much again and we’ll see you all for the 2020 season !