To mark the beginning of summer and to celebrate their lasting association with Beachclub, Videotron is making you dream by offering you the chance to experience a VIP day at Beachclub with Olivier Primeau and none other than the legendary Tiesto !

Enter this contest and get the chance to see Tiesto’s performance at Beachclub on June 3rd in Olivier Primeau’s VIP box, in addition to meeting the artist behind the scenes ! A winner will receive two tickets valued at approximately $ 1,000 per person. Food and drinks will also be offered up to $ 500.


The Dutch DJ and record producer is known for having collaborated with some of the biggest names in the music industry and he doesn’t stop ! He just released ‘Jackie Chan’, his new collaboration with American rapper Post Malone, and Dzeko, that will also be performing at Beachclub on June 3rd. The song is available at the following link :

Tiesto is without a doubt one of the greatest DJs of all time, and Olivier Primeau is one of Quebec’s most famous entrepreneurs. Do not miss your chance to spend a dream day with them. To know more about Tiesto, who has a 2 dates residency at Beachclub this summer, it’s right this way :ëstoBC


This unique contest runs from May 10th to May 27th, and the winner’s draw will take place on May 28th. To participate, click on the following link :