Hit The Beach is a brand new concept to launch out of Montreal this upcoming July. Being the only event of it’s kind, one that combines the combat sport of MMA fighting with a luxury service beach party, Hit The Beach will hands down be the party of the year. Promising to create a truly unique experience, come spend Saturday July 23rd at Beachclub and party for a cause.


Presented by Drysdale Group, Monkland Village Productions, Tristar Gym, MMA Quebec, Beachclub, and in association with the Just For Kids Foundation, Hit The Beach is definitely NOT your average Saturday at Beachclub. The festivities begin at noon and run all the way till 8PM as follows:


The day will kick off with a bunch of public supervised sparrings in a professional MMA cage open to all attendees. Refereed by Montreal’s own, Firas Zahabi, an MMA legend and one of George St-Pierre’s personal coaches, all participants will be provided a cup and mouth-guard, a 20oz glove and full helmets. Each round will be one to two minutes. The crowd will decide the winner of each match, although all participants will be thrown prizes throughout the day. The hosts promise that this activity will be safe and allow all participants to experience a taste of the MMA life.


The day will continue with a REAL beach wrestling tournament on the main stage. Wrestlers will compete within a ring with a diameter of 7 meters (23 feet), on a level sand surface. The first wrestler to score THREE points is declared the winner. Points will be accumulated like any standard MMA fight.


In case those activities did not get you excited enough, Hit The Beach will also feature other beach activities, like The Flyboard®, a cross between a wakeboard and a kite surf. This new extreme sport allows you to fly above water, to dive like a dolphin and to be the acrobat you always wanted to be. The Flyboard© gives you a feeling of weightlessness and will be an epic way to end the day.


Besides just the MMA and water activities, Hit The Beach will feature an array of food trucks, bar services (for bottle service or by the drink ordering), company sport gymnasium activities and free MMA fighting demonstrations for all attendees. Through the support of Tristar Gym, the home of Georges St-Pierre, and the MMA community, Hit The Beach is also proud to announce that multiple celebrity UFC fighters will be in attendance as well as looking forward to taking photos and having conversations with fans.


It is important to note and make light that the entire day was inspired by raising money for the Montreal Children’s Hospital. Part of the funds accumulated during Hit The Beach will help purchase high-priority medical equipment for the hospital, which will continually enhance the experience and care of each patient. The organizers of the event are excited to raise funds BUT also look forward to inspiring the children of the hospital and the society around them by throwing a sports event, one that promotes team work, trust building and community spirit for a good cause.

Tickets go on sale Thursday June 9th 2016 at noon here.