Super Hosts

Olivier Primeau is without a doubt one of the most talked about entrepreneurs in Quebec right now. In just four years, he has managed to raise Beachclub to the 43rd place among the best clubs in the world, and first place in Canada. With the great success that Olivier is currently having, he’s always part of new projects. He is always 100% involved in everything he does and that’s why this year he asked help from two very special guests.

Alanis and Louis-Philippe are joining the Beachclub family this summer, and they will have a very special role. They will be the new « Super Hosts » of Beachclub, so they will create a lot of interesting content, they will be available to take selfies, they will be the hosts our various events and of course, they will party with you, People of Beachclub. In short, they will walk in the footsteps of our dear Olivier Primeau, who is very close to his customers.


Louis-Philippe charmed us all last fall with the story of his little raccoon Bandit (who is actually dead), and it is with this very original speech that he quickly carved a place of choice in our hearts. He currently owns a private gym, AHLperformance, and he seems to spend a lot of time with our beloved Alanis. Who knows, maybe Jessica Alba will make a surprise appearance this summer at Beachclub and LP will finally find love !


With her bubbly personality, contagious smile and great sense of humor, Alanis is definitely the kind of person we want all want to be friends with. She has now more than 200,000 subscribers on her two Instagram accounts, and she also launched her Youtube channel in January. She revealed in her first video that she is addicted to coffee, that she has been racing motorcycles for several years with her family and that she is a very positive girl.

Whether you’re a fan of reality TV or not, you’ve probably heard of Alanis and LP. They made a very noticed appearance on TV last fall and since their return to Quebec, their popularity has only increased. With more than 100,000 subscribers each on their Instagram accounts, they have become masters of social medias, and this makes them the perfect ambassadors for Beachclub.

This summer is going to be completely insane !

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