It was already the fourth weekend of the Beach Club’s 2019 season, and legendary singer Shaggy was performing, on Saturday. Once again, Mother Nature was on our side, while we could feel the sun and the heat!

The Beachclub quickly filled up, while Shaggy’s fans gathered around the pool early in the day to enjoy the warm weather before their long awaited performance.

DJ Apache, Miss Shelton and Kleancut warmed up the stage for Shaggy, as well as the dance floor for the People of Beachclub present! We’ve heard some of the biggest hits of the industry, such as « One Dance », « Miss Fatty », « Low », « Whine Up » and « Temperature »! After a few hours of dancing, the crowd was ready for the arrival of the singer, and it is to the rhythm of his greatest hits that the party continued.


The Jamaican singer was eagerly awaited and he came on stage in front of a particularly happy crowd. We could hear songs like « Boombastic », « I Need Your Love », « Angel » and also « It Was not Me », which was the last song sung by Shaggy. It was truly a unique event, and it is without any hesitation that we would like to relive this day!

Joseph Jr finally came to wrap up this fourth weekend of the 2019 Beachclub season. It is without a doubt that everyone present at this event left with beautiful memories.

Upcoming event

Another singer will be performing on the Beachclub’s main stage next weekend. We are very happy to welcome Flo Rida on July 21st!

For your tickets, it’s here. Remember that we also offer shuttle services for every week-end events :)!