2017 Beach Babes

After a very successful season with eight amazing people, we have decided to renew the influencer program for a second summer. This year, we have recruited about twenty Beach Babes who will represent Beachclub by creating visually attractive content on their social media platforms. They will, therefore, party with us all summer long!

We invite you to follow our Beach Babes’ Instagram account (@beachbabesmtl), to get an exclusive glance at their Beachclub adventures.

Here are a few pictures of our beautiful Beach Babes last weekend!


Milaydie Bujold @milaydie

Vanessa Mennillo @vanessa_mennillo

Rachel Cantin @rachelcantin

Jade Laneuville @jadewaverly

Emma Fortin @emmafortin14

Lucie Rhéaume @lucierheaume

Hara Chiaki @hchiaki

Patrick Forest @patforest

Eve Thiffault @evethiff