This group, formed in 2012, is, in fact, a collective of five independent rappers: Lost, MB, White-B, Gaza, and Random. Friends since childhood, they are bound by a fraternal and intense friendship which is illustrated by their group name. Their group name also refers to the area code of their hometown, Montreal. All from different origins, they represent the multicultural identity of the city. 5Sang14 filled in the Club Soda in June 2018 without any promotional support. Their fans are committed and support all of their projects.

With 21,198 monthly listeners on Spotify, they are known as the second-largest rap figure in Quebec. The “Rap Keb” is increasingly part of our popular culture, and hip-hop is emerging in Quebec. Last May, MB, White-B, and Lost performed as freelance rappers at Metro Metro Festival. They gave us incredible performances: MB even joined White-B on stage to sing one of their collab songs.

In 2017, they released « Cerbère », their first mixtape together that definitively marked their career. Moreover, they have over 40 million views on Youtube. This year, the group released a micro album called 5/5 composed of five songs, where their complicity is explicitly present.


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