Another absolutely incredible weekend ends, and it’s just the beginning of a memorable summer ! Many of you came to celebrate with us, and we wanted to thank you for coming. Without you, such big events would not be possible. Now let’s remember the highlights of June 2nd and 3rd’s events !

June 2nd – Flux Pavilion

It is with great pleasure that local DJ Seb Tender started a promising day with a house set. It all became very energetic with none other than Craymack, who also offered us a B2B with the headliner of the day, Flux Pavilion. Fransis Derelle, who is behind the popular remix of Eyes by our local heroes Adventure Club, then joined the party with a very electrifying set. It was finally at the end of the day, when the atmosphere was at its highest, that the talented Flux Pavilion made his entrance, with greetings in French that definitely pleased the crowd ! He rocked Beachclub with some of his greatest hits, such as I Can’t Stop and Gold Dust. This wonderful day ended with another local hero, Ronin.

June 3rd – Tiësto

We had the chance to welcome Mathilde, who, with her deep house and very groovy set, was able to make the People of Beachclub dance already at the beginning of the day. The dance floor was soon filled for the performance of our beloved Ludo, who once again made us very proud. Later, Tiësto’s protege, Dzeko, was able to set the table for him, with hits like Up In The Air and L’Amour Toujours. French DJ and producer Mercer then joined the party, warming up the atmosphere even more. Tiësto finally made a very noticed entry with Show Me, and the rest of the day will certainly remain engraved in our memories for a very long time. We had the chance to hear hits like Secret, Split (Only U) and The Only Way Is Up. Vito V then concluded the day with a still very full Beachclub.


Once again, thank you all, and we will see you next weekend for our Hip-Hop 101 event on June 9th with Loud and many more, and then June 10th with Markus Schulz. Get your tickets now at