It is with a little nostalgia in the air that the biggest weekend in Beachclub’s history has just ended, and we can say without hesitation that the events of July 21st and 22nd have exceeded our expectations ! Such beautiful days are still waiting for us this summer, but until they arrive, let’s go back a few hours to remember the highlights of this legendary weekend.

Sean Paul

After the incredible success of Sean Paul’s event last season, it’s no surprise that we absolutely wanted him to come back to Beachclub this summer, and he was back for TWO performances on July 21st and 22nd ! These two events were SOLD OUT, and Sean Paul was more on fire than ever. On July 21st, DJ Spin, Kleancut and Bynon warmed up the dance floor for Sean Paul and his protégé Chi Ching Ching. It was in front of a packed Beachclub that Sean Paul finally made his entrance, and we could probably hear the crowd cheering him up all the way to Montreal. With a set list filled with as many new hits as classics, it’s to the rhythm of Mad Love, No Lie, Temperature, Got 2 Luv U, We Be Burning and many other songs that the People of Beachclub danced under an incredibly warm sun.


Miss Shelton started the day on July 22nd, followed again by Kleancut, Bynon and Chi Ching Ching. Despite the rain early in the day, Beachclub quickly filled up, and the sun finally showed up, just in time for another fiery performance from Sean Paul. Whether it’s a song that’s more than 10 years old, or just a few weeks old, the crowd was singing every word of Sean Paul’s hits.


Gain back all the strength you can, because Rick Ross is coming for the first time at Beachclub this Saturday, July 28th ! The Toolroom crew is also stopping at Pointe-Calumet on July 30th to celebrate its 15th anniversary, with Mark Knight, Dosem and Secondcity. For all your tickets, it’s at