Many DJs and electronic music producers try to keep their identity a secret with a mask or a costume, mostly to stand out from other artists, and also to create some sort of mystery around them. For example, we can think of Marshmello, GRAVEDGR, Malaa, Bear Grillz, Deadmau5, Daft Punk, Claptone or DJ BL3ND !

Unlike the others, Soltan, a DJ and bass music producer from Iran, keeps his identity secret for security reasons, and in fear of not being able to produce music anymore. While many of your favorite DJs are masked for publicity purposes, SOLTAN can’t show his face in fear of receiving retaliation from his government. On February 22nd, Showkase will have the pleasure to welcome him at Le Belmont for an event not to be missed !

When he’s creating music, SOLTAN says he gets easily bored when staying safe, and when he uses the same sounds over and over. He always tries to be creative when he produces music, and he puts a lot of energy on sound design. According to him, producers shouldn’t focus too much on what they think people might want to hear. SOLTAN released his first EP in 2014, and his most recent one, ‘Jadugar’, holds one of his biggest hit, ‘Bang Bazzar’, in collaboration with Spag Heddy. However, his most popular song is without a doubt ‘No Mind’ !

Local DJ Sam Lamar, who has performed alongside GRAVEDGR, Zomboy, Lookas, Monxx, Kompany and many others, will be opening for SOLTAN !


Tickets for this event will be on sale Saturday at noon for only $20 at ! See you all on February 22nd !