Canadian duo DVBBS, composed of Alex Andre and Chris Andre, is headlining CASTLE SMASH 1, happening on October 7th. They have released several great hits since their debut in 2012, so here is a top 5 of their songs that have been most successful !

1. Tsunami

When this title was released and promoted by DJ Sander van Doorn back in 2013, DVBBS was still unknown from the public. According to Billboard magazine, Tsunami was the most played song at Tomorrowland, which took place from July 26th to 28th, 2013. It’s definitely this hit that put them on the map !

2. This Is Dirty

This collaboration with MOTi is certainly a classic of DVBBS ! This Is Dirty is played in almost all of their sets, and it counts more than 20 million plays on Spotify. Several great DJs like Tiësto, Martin Garrix, Jauz and Kayzo played this hit during one of their performances. 


This song about the American dream is a collaboration between DVBBS, Shaun Frank and Delaney Jane ! Released in 2016, it has been remixed by several great artists, such as Breathe Carolina, IZII and Kris Kross Amsterdam. The video for LA LA LAND has now more than 12 million views on Youtube ! 

4. Not Going Home

Not Going Home is the main single from their EP Beautiful Disaster, released in 2017. DVBBS says : « Not Going Home is sort of an anthem, a reminder that we all have roots and we all come the same place. For some home is where the heart is and for others home is where the music is ». 

5. Parallel Lines

This hit from the album Blood Of My Blood of the Canadian duo is certainly the one we hear most on the radio ! Parallel Lines, sung by Happy Sometimes, is one of the most popular pop productions of DVBBS, releasing more and more songs of this genre, like IDWK, for example. 


Tickets for CASTLE SMASH 1 are now on sale, starting at only $35 at loudxclear.electrostub.com !