Yes Mccan

On July 23rd, Beachclub welcomes Migos for a fire hip hip-hop day, and a very special guest is added to the lien-up of this long-awaited event !

Yes Mccan (born Jean-François Ruel), rapper and member of Canadian hip-hop group Dead Obies, will also be at Beachclub on July 23rd for a live performance. We also saw him in the hit series Fugueuse last winter, in which he played the role of Damien. Also, last March, Yes Mccan released a song called Désirée, which he had the chance to perform in the show. This single is a preview of a new rap solo album to come !


Although music has always been the path he wanted to follow, he says he did  a lot of theater and improvisation when he was younger, and that’s what encouraged him to audition for Fugueuse . He was also touring with his band Dead Obies during the filming of the show, so he had a very busy schedule. The group still managed to sold out the Metropolis last September ! The week after this show, Dead Obies released their big hit Monnaie.

Désirée is just the beginning, and we can’t wait to discover all the surprises that Yes Mccan has in store for us ! Who knows, maybe he is finally going to find his queen at Beachclub this summer ?


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